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Excercise Room

Using fitness exercise equipment is a great way to encourage a more regular exercise program.

Two of the most important factors in avoiding injury are stretching and getting a balanced workout. Stretching is important because it prepares the muscles for activity and improves flexibility. This then reduces the risk of injury to both muscles and joints.

Getting a balanced work out means exercising the whole body, ensuring all major muscles are worked equally. This will help maintain a balance in strength, overall endurance and go some way to preventing injuries to the joints.

Hold onto the handrails until you feel confident enough to let go. This will help you keep your balance and get used to walking or running on the running belt.

Leaning forward slightly when running or walking on an incline will reduce the strain on your back.

Exercise Bikes
Adjust the seat and handlebars so that they are in a comfortable position.

Your knees should only be slightly bent when the pedal is in its lowest position.

Use the pedal straps so your legs pull and push the pedals during exercise.

Free weights

Make sure you have a good grip as many weight lifting injuries occur when people drop their weights.

Before picking any weights up make sure you are in a steady position, whether standing or sitting.

Balance your workout to build strength equally in all muscles.

Learn to breath properly.

Be sure your movements are steady, controlled and slow.

Don't move the weights using momentum, use slow and sturdy movements.

Cross-country ski machines
Co-ordination is important to keep from losing your balance when using this machine.

Keep your torso in an upright position to reduce the strain on your back.

Make sure your feet are anchored at the front of the footpads so they don't slip during the backward and forward motion.

Elliptical trainers
Good posture is important in reducing the strain on your back.

Most ellipticals come with long ski-pole like handles attached to footpads. These are used to work the upper body.

Some ellipticals come with handrails instead, don't hold onto these too tightly. It is best to try and do the exercise with arms at your side or moving back and forward as if you were running. This will give your upper body a good work out.

Make sure your feet are well anchored on the footpads. Placing them up against the 'barrier' at the front of the footpads will keep you from losing your balance.

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